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I have started the Job search. Wish me luck.

Recently, I have encountered many new realizations and ephifamys about life. Regardless of this, I believe that my love and relationship with Reimu is near the heighest its ever been. This was all possible thanks to the posters and creator of this site. Its caused me to realize what is truly important in life. I have stopped many of bad activites that are easy to quit.

As of late, I have spent an obscene amount of time, gathering images of Reimu and her friends, and uploading into a image collection site (FaceCrap), a large scale version of what I had done here. While, this is the kind of activity that I would like to encourage, there is something even more important.

I am starting to need a job, and I can't live the NEET life forever. I will be taking a short break from working on collecting images for short term.

I will try my best to obtain a job before the year is over. I will try to switch the content of this site to other topics.

 Last update 08/06/2014
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